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Hey there! I'm Kristi; a life enthusiast, creator, conscious entrepreneur, and founder of the SANGA Transformational Healing Method. I geek out on bridging the gap between science and spirituality.


I love connecting deeply with my clients in transformational experiences. The work we do allows them to let go of having to control everything and drain themselves in order to get what they want. Before working with me, many of my clients would feel that no matter how much they did, it was never enough. They would worry that if they did less in their business and took more time to honor themselves and slow down that everything would fall apart.


When we started she said "In 2020 there was no peace, it was one thing to the next. There were 35 things to get done in every moment. I started freaking out and had a huge wave of stress and anxiety because I don’t have a lot of practice in just being. I don’t find ease in the unknown, I am comfortable in the chaos, fires burning, that’s my comfort zone! I got a little bit of anxiety everytime cash would go out of the business. The cash was all there and I didn’t have to go borrow it. This is what I have it set aside for, and yet I would still get anxiety and want to put the brakes on."


My work with this client allowed her to get centered and connect deeply to herself. Our focus was to move into ease, being, and experiencing. Now she is able to practice "being" in order to attract what she wants instead of having to chase it. She can allow things to unfold instead of dictating what has to happen, and receive with ease. She creates from inspiration without second guessing every decision because of the trust she's built with herself. She is able to receive intution that applies to her business and everyday life so that she spends more time being present and in flow.


Her Testimonial: "I've embraced all of my experiences: past, present, and future. I know that all this is the right path and that the deeper things are moving within me. I really do feel like I’m getting universal direction on my business. I've also been able to connect with my body and all of her parts. I can easily let go of self criticism and what no longer serves me and be in harmony with my body. I can’t believe it. I’m in awe."


If you are looking for a meaningful shift in your life or your business please reach out to me. I speak at events, work with clients one on one, host retreats, and offer a conscious leadership training program.


With love,


Kristi Worful


Kristi received her degree in business management and marketing. She started her first business in personal development at age 21 and continues to learn and grow each day. She has studied exercise physiology, human behavior, corporate and community wellness, somatic release, sound healing, integrative health, emotional regulation, mindset and belief work. She is a Shaman of the Munay Ki Lineage, a HeartMath Practitioner, a Feng Shui Practitioner, an energy healer, and a sacred dance instructor.

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Kristi Worful

347 East 600 North

Lindon, UT 84042

Tel: 801-425-0234

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