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SANGA Practitioner Training




  1. a person actively engaged in an art, discipline, or profession, especially medicine.

The Transformational Healing training program allows our practitioners to create artistic and transformational experiences that are supported by research and technology. We believe that science and spirituality are one in the same and that the journey of life is a celebration, a masterpiece, an infinite exploration of our ever expanding selves. 

          "This is the mastermind program we have all been waiting for! The support of having the fellow 'mastermind practitioners' is like having access to the infinite." 

          "Life has changed and aligned even more than I had imagined. I always repeat, "How CAN it get better than this?" Then I let the universe show up. My life is in full freedom flow state mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, and consciously. Becoming a SANGA practitioner has allowed me to step fully into my power and out of my patterns of fear of collaboration with others. Sanga opened a vortex of alignment I knew I could easily flow with." 

Wellness Coach

Advanced Training:


Creating A Conscious Business From Abundance

This training is for practitioners, healers, coaches, and spiritual guides. We will take a look at how to create a conscious business from abundance. We also cover aspects of client transformation, aligning with your purpose, and premium brand positioning.

Interested In Becoming A SANGA Practitioner?

If you are looking for lifelong personal expansion and feel that you are meant to help guide others along their path of healing, conscious awakening, and transformation then I’d like to extend a very personal invitation to learn more about our next Sanga Practitioner Training in March, 2021. 

Step 1: Go to and scroll down to register for the free online course Conscious Awakening and Transformational Healing.

Step 2: If you loved the first training and resonated with the information - keep going! Register for the advanced training (above) Cultivating a Conscious Business from Abundance.

Step 3: If you are even more excited after watching the second training and feel ready to grow as a leader, space holder, and world change-maker; click on the link below to apply for the Transformational Healing Practitioner Training! After you apply we will send you the retreat dates, course outline, and time commitment required to complete the training.

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